How to set an environment variable (Linux)

My team and I are working on a Linux plugin. We were required to set an environment variable. There is SetEnvironmentVar in the class FGenericPlatformMisc which is then overridden in FMacPlatformMisc and FWindowsPlatformMisc. I realized that There is no override for SetEnvironmentVar in the class FLinuxPlatformMisc.

As a brute strategy, I copy-pasted the signature and overridden body of this function from FMacPlatformMisc to FLinuxPlatformMisc, and it worked.

I don’t know if this overridden implementation of SetEnvironmentVar was omitted on purpose from FLinuxPlatformMisc. Is it fine if we continue to use this?

This has been added in 4.8

Awesome! Thanks…