How to set a higher shadow resolution permanently?

Right now every time I want a higher shadow resolution, say 2K I have to type it in manually with the editor running:




and it works.

But I’ve also typed these cvars into my defaultengine.ini for the project, but they don’t seem to be recognized, since I still have to type them in manually every time I re-open the editor in order for the shadows to change. Is there a way to set the higher shadow res permanently for a project, or is it maybe a bug that the shadow res resets every time I quit the editor?

Hi The_Distiller -

You will want to add those console variables into the ConsoleVariables.ini in the Unreal Engine\4.2\Engine\Config directory. This should hard set those values for all future projects with the version of the engine.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Although this works globally, I’d appreciate a way to do it permanently per project, since not every project necessarily needs a higher shadow res. But thanks for the suggestion!

Hello Eric, I wonder if there is a way to set this for a project - I would like to ship with a default max setting for r.Shadow.MaxResolution.

Is this possible?