How to set a box trigger to complete and restart a level?


I’m pretty new to UDK and having an issue regarding setting an end level trigger to play a ‘level complete’ animation that i’ve made. With fingers crossed I’m looking to see if there is a way to set a point that when the character walkers over a trigger/enters a specified area, then it triggers an end level animation, and once the animation has finished, it then respawns the character to the start.

I know this sounds easy to say, but guessing its going to much more difficult to actually achieve.

I would appreciate any help or advice that can be offered.


First, small correction: UDK is a different engine (free version of the UE3).

This isn’t as difficult as you think. What you should probably do is watch some tutorials on Blueprints to familiarize yourself with how they work, then create a new Blueprint and attach Box/Sphere/Capsule Collider (whichever fits your area best). Make sure it’s collision preset is set to OverlapAllDynamic. Then use OnActorBeginOverlap node and check if the triggering actor is a player.

You can return the player to a certain position by calling SetActorLocation


  • [Introduction to Blueprints (v4.8)][1]
  • [Training Stream Training Blueprint Communications with Zak Parrish][2]

Sample Blueprint

Thanks Phoboz for your reply and links.

I’m still working my way through them, but I’m hoping it will make more sense the more I use it and watch over the tutorials.

Also, thanks for the correction on UDK and UE :slight_smile: