How to set 6 materials for the 6 sides of the cube only with material nodes?

Is it possible to achieve that without to use 3d modeling program or vertex painting?
Maybe with material layers or WorldCoordinate3Way function?

Yes it is. Use vertex normals to blend. normals go from 1 to -1. Every channel of the vertex normal node is a direction. RGB = XYZ. So filtering the front face (X) would be VertexNormal.R.You can interpolate using the Lerp node between the different textures using these “masks” based on the normal.

Hi , thank you so much for the support but can you post an example for at least one side of the cube with VertexNormalWS material node, because dry theory and practice are not so good friends :slight_smile:

Here is an image of how my material result looks. I used some engine texture so don’t look at the ugliness :P.

The material itself is attached as well. Have fun (218 KB)

Hi , this is exactly what I am looking for- real example. You are absolute professional in materials. Thank you so much for your great support and real material example in

Hi , because you are material master i have related quick question:
is it possible instead of Textures (or colors) to use hole complete material for each of all 6 sides. Regards

Yes it is. Use material layers. The idea is you set up a Material as a Material Function instead. In the actual Material you use these function to blend all the different “materials” together.

Here is a great tutorial:

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Hi , I am trying to use material layers in your material (for the first texture for X+), but without success. My goal is to make all 5 sides in one material and X+ side in other material. Can you help me? Can you show me how to do it for your material “Example_Mat.uasset”. Thanks man for your great support and help.