How to Send data from client to server in Unreal

Am working on a Multiplayer game where a player Host’s a game session and other players or clients join in the session and can play the game.
Am trying to send some integer data from client to Server passing through custom event and making them to “Run on Server”. I have placed this code in Player state.
The problem is that the data sent from client is not getting passed to server. The Server machine is only duplicating it’s own values instead of storing client data.
Any one has faced this issue.

Did you set the integer to replicate?

yes, i have tried to replicate the integer variable, but doesn’t work

Is the PlayerState the initiator of the custom event or just the blueprint that holds the event? I’ve had problems, secificaply with widgets, where I will cast to another blueprint and execute a custom event set to run on server, and it doesn’t work.