How to select UMG with a laser pointer (line trace)

Hello all,

Wondering if you could give me a hand please. I’m trying to select UMG using a laser pointer (line trace) but it’s not quite working so for now I’m using a widget component but am still wondering how to make it work with the laser pointer. What am I missing? My laser pointer is made of a particle system and on the tick I’m setting the beam target and beam source points.

Thank you!

Add a widget interaction component, and assign a left-click mouse event to your input even.

Ah ok, so I actually need to use the laser pointer AND the widget interaction?

@jansenl if you download the VR Content Examples project and look at the “Content/VRContentExamples/LaserPointer/WidgetLaserPointer” as well as “Content/VRContentExamples/3DWidget” you can see how to set up a laser pointer as well as interacting with a widget. All it’s really missing in the WidgetLaserPointer example is calling the PressPointer and ReleasePointer key functions using the widget interaction, but you can see how it’s done inside the 3DWidget example.

Nice stuff @DownToCode Thanks a lot! Just downloaded will go over the file tonite.

@jansenl thanks :smiley: