How to select one face at a time?

Maybe this will help you?

Hi! I’m kind of new to UE4, so forgive me if this is a noobish question. I made an entire map in sketchup (detailed, texture and everything) and decided to export this map as an fbx before i realized that you could actually build the map in the engine itself. There are some textures that only work well when they are applied to one face at a time, but when i try to apply them to only one face, they are applied to multiple faces that are being recognized as a group in the engine. The only real thing I can select “one at a time” are vertices. Does anyone know how to select one face at a time?

Thanks for the fast response! Unfortunately, I dont know of any way to assign different material ID’s to different faces in sketchup. I am also not working with a bsp as I made the entire map in sketchup, therefore all I have available is a static mesh.

I don’t think the engine has that capability, if you import something from an external modeling application that information would have to be specified within there if I am not mistaken. Usually artists would do that since it falls within the means of their normal everyday workflow.

You can try looking at this tutorial if it helps you out going from Sketchup to 3DS Max and then going into the engine, or if sketchup has the means to have this done in there thats another option.

Let me know if this helps.

Daniel is correct. You need to set the material id’s for your static meshes in your modeling program. Also keep in mind that you shouldnt import the whole level as a single mesh.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it