How To Scale Resolution On Mobile? (r.ScreenPercentage and SetResolutionScaleValue don't work on mobile)

Hello! I am developing a mobile game and I am currently only getting 30-40 fps so I want to downscale the resolution by about 70% combined with some antialiasing to gain some fps.

I tried “Execute Console Command” node to do “r.ScreenPercentage 70”. It works in the editor but it doesn’t work on the mobile build.

I also tried “Get Game User Settings” node followed by “SetResolutionScale” and “Apply Settings”. Again, it works in the editor but it doesn’t work in the mobile build…

Looks like I have to use device profiles or I have to insert some lines in some config files… I tried both of these ideas too but and to nowhere but I am sure I didn’t do things correctly. Can someone please help me with how to achieve resolution scaling on mobile? Thanks in advance!

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excecute this console command:
r.MobileContentScaleFactor 0.7

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