How To Run the Command "stat memory" on a Dedicate Server

As the title, I met this problem that I want to get the memory information by using “stat memory” command. I dont know if this could work or not,beacuse this command have a draw operation . I have try the RPC method by calling stat memory command on a client ,and let the server run the same command.But it did not work. And i also tried using arg like -StatCmds=“memory”,and got nothing.Can anybody help me?

Hi @BaBahsq

The RPC method is what came to mind. The docs says '‘stat memory’ is for various subsystems (no mention of rendering), but, I dont think it will work if related to rendering as there is no rendering on Dedicated Server. Does stat MemoryAllocator work?

Thanks a lot .I have check the source code of “stat memory” part,and find the exact thing you mentioned.It calls the “Draw” function and the dedicate server wont do anything.
I will check the "MemoryAllocator " you mentioned , and thanks again for your help.

@TechLordI can not find the “stat MemoryAllocator” in the command line, and it is the only one cannot be found which related to memory . I want to cut my DS memory cost ,but i cannot get the detail of memory usage.Could you give me some suggestion or direction that i can work it out by myself. :D:D:D

Type in ‘stat me’ and you should see it pop, however, after some consideration I don’t think it will work for you. I’m thinking you could get Mem Info in Windows from Task Manager. If remotely hosted/virtualized, I would think the Hosting Service would provide admin tools to monitor resource use for apps running. They would have to provide you the usage in some form to bill you.

Hi ,TechLord .Thanks for advice.But what i want is the detail memory usage in my game, so i can optimize single part of my game which cost most memory on dedicate server.

What part of the game is that?