How to run multiple sessions on single dedicated server?

As far as i understand, UE4 networking dedicated server is supposted to use only with single session? Single map. Right?

What if i want to make server, which has many (5v5) sessions?

What should i do?

  1. Launch multiple dedicated servers per each session?

  2. UE4 networking able to handle multiple sessions from single dedicated server? How?

I really need this… thx.


It is correct, UE4 dedicated server is ‘single session’. You can check this links:

Multiple Dedicated Servers On One System - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums (comment)
You can run a many server instances per machine. Gears of War 3 runs dozens of them per machine. Use the custom port setting like they suggest.

also you can check:
UE4 Server with multiple player instances - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums (answer)
Multiple Sessions On One Master Srver - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums

You need to Launch multiple dedicated servers per machine. To manager all of this instance and a lot of more things, a good option may be photonengine I have not used before, but it seems a good option, I think you can use photon to only manage your server instances, matchmaking etc., without changing your multiplayer logic using ue4 multiplayer framework. But again, I am not completely sure about that.

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wow nice links, very thx.

yeah, i’ve thought about using photon server for Master Server (login, finding games, global lobby, chat) and UE4 networking for Sessions, because UE4 networking has many features which i dont want to invent from scratch (like movement replication, networking blueprints etc), i think i will dig in that direction.

really appreciated for you, I have built a simple remote dedicated server network, since it is for convention and exhibition on cloud, it doesn’t need a session creater or listen server, such as create session api or UI, tools I used including http plugin, json parser, backstage server which is a script by python, and blueprint script for online token which tells backstage server I am in the dedicated server, it is difficult, cuz a simple variant will vanish while using open level api, what I did is adding a variant in gameinstance blueprint, when all of that finished, open mutiple dedicated server on the cloud, any clients can join with auto match! Hope this reply would help new guys for UE4 dev!