How to run Gear VR app and share it without certification from Oculus/Samsung ?

I am wondering how to run test builds on Gear VR prior to submitting the release to Oculus/Samsung for final certification and Oculus store release.


Well you will first need the OSIG file for each device that you want to test on and build your game against those files. Once that is done you can then give the .BAT installer and files to any one who you got an OSIG file from and they should be able to launch and test your game. You can read more about this and all things Gear VR in the Gear VR docs linked below.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

Check out SideloadVR. It’s not nearly as convenient as it would be if you didn’t need to monkey with this osig nonsense to begin with but it is an option.

We fully automate the OSig process on ConstructVR ( so all you have to do is upload your Gear VR app, and invite your users through email. From there they can use the ConstructVR Android app to easily install your Gear VR app. Samsung uses us internally to distribute GearVR apps. Hope that helps!