How to rotate the foliage?

Hello, I’m kind of creating this post-apocalyptic scene that I need for personal use and I’ve pretty much placed everything else besides the ivy on the buildings. So the problem is that whenever I use the foliage tool to place ivy on the walls of my buildings, it places at 90 degree angle. I could try to explain it better, but I think a screenshot is worth 1000 words.

Now this picture is in an unlit state so that it’s easier to see. As you can see all the ivy (except for the one circled in red) is placed facing the wrong direction. The one circled in red is one I placed manually (without using the foliage tool) so I could explain what I want it to look like. I tried the random yaw and the pitch angle and non of that worked. So can anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!!

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I’m not sure how to rotate foliage beforehand but what I do know is that the rotation of foliage is paired to the object it is attached to (so if you rotate the wall then the foliage should rotate with it). I haven’t really used the foliage system all that much myself but you might be able to change the rotation of the actual assets or their direction when they are originally placed (unfortunately I don’t think they can be altered separately after being placed).

I’m not trying to rotate them after being placed, but whatever I tried, I never found a way to make them place the right way. So that’s what I’m looking for, I don’t know where to look for this

Select the peice of foliage you are trying to paint.
Scroll Down to Painting and under the painting tab, Uncheck align to normals.


To build upon this answer, in UE 5.0, “align to normals” is located under “Placement”

Choose the piece of foliage you wish to paint. You can uncheck align to normals by scrolling down to Painting and clicking the painting tab.