How to Rotate Static Mesh around moving Point?

You could achieve this by parenting your character to the center pole, with a attach actor to node. Then when you press Right, instead of moving your char, rotate the pole your attached too. It will spin and you will spin attached to it. Forward can remain the same. It doesn’t need to be the pole you render. Just a null like a target point in the center of the pole would work.

I’m kinda new to UE4 and just trying myself out a bit.
I have my CharacterBP and my LevelBP and my problem is that i want to Rotate the Forward-Moving CharacterSM in a circle around the MiddleSM.

Thanks for your reply first of all.

Isn’t it possible to set the sphere from the CharacterBP follow the Middle of the LevelBP?
Also the CharacterBP should be able to rotate around it.

I’m quite new to it so I’d appreciate some more details or screenshots.