How to rotate bone in an animation sequence?

Hello community,

How to actually rotate a bone (say Head) while a character (derived from ACharacter) is playing an AnimSequence (say Walking)? I’m looking for methods that actually set transform for a bone in an existing AnimSequence (downloaded from for all frames OR at particular time/frame.

  1. Bone transform at certain time/key deal with how to
    access bone transform.
  2. How to rotate a bone in C++ makes use of blueprint which I don’t prefer because I’ve large number of animations and characters to play with.

Please let me know if there are any such methods/APIs available? Also let me know if is this anything to do with writing RawAnimationData to the AnimSequence in hand?

While searching for solution I found this: UAnimSequence::AddKeyToSequence. Please tell me, does this really serve the purpose, if so how to use this?

UAnimSequence::AddKeyToSequence() does really serve the purpose. After calling this method, I’ve to just call UAnimSequence::BakeTrackCurvesToRawAnimation(). This transformed the desired bone at supplied point in time.

Thank you


AddKeyToSequence() & BakeTrackCurvesToRawAnimation() are Editor-only methods… Any other way to do that ?


Hey, do you happen to find an answer to this question, or what a better approach might be?