How to rig a vehicle for unreal engine 4 (Advanced Vehicle template) ?

i am not able to rig it properly…please help

very strange, just where is the problem

  1. the root bone MUST be at 0,0,0
  2. all other normal bones must be parented to the root bone
  3. extra bones like the antenne or turrets can be parented as normal

examples like the UT2004/UT3/UDK vehicles just remember to place the root bone at 0,0,0

can i expect a short video tutorial on how to rig a vehicle for it ? plus adding collision mesh

You can download the Vehicle Game from the Marketplace and see how they rigged the vehicle:


try this out:

and give more details if you have any more problems. good luck with it too :wink:

a lot depends on your 3d program, i can do a blender video if you need it

blender 2.72 ? I’d like to see that video myself as well. Geodav

if you will, also show it all the way through export/import & running the setup in the editor. I think that would help a lot of people out having an updated tutorial.

sure i’ll hit it this weekend, i’m on holiday after work tomorrow :slight_smile:

@Geodav : i use Blender too :slight_smile: also please share how to add collision mesh and create one in the physics asset,coz i followed the docs and video tutorials,but i am having problem in 4.6

sure you don’t need blender for that but i’ll do what i can ok , most likely put it up on Saturday

i have subscribed to your channel :slight_smile: thanks alot

I don’t see it from the marketplace ?

@ChrisTim: It is not in the Marketplace anymore … it will be in your Learn tab. All the Samples from Epic are there now. (I think I am right … not in front of my Dev machine at the moment)

a lot has been moved into the Learn Tab

but this is still under MarketPlace, you just need to scroll down further to a section named: Showcases and Complete Projects -> then look for ‘Vehicle Game’

I know it’s unfair, qdelpeche but I am in front of my 'puter, lol

one of the major problems that a Blender User hits is once the model is in UE4, the actual setup in UE4 of the vehicle to get it working right.
I’ve had several attempts where the wheels just do crazy stuff. That is why I mentioned it.

@sunnyxyed - you need to try this if you haven’t already it might help you, scroll down to physics asset

HeHeHe … fair enough. 8-}

oh ok , thank you qdelpeche & ayretek

ok i’ve hit an issue today which i need to test before i can make a new tutorial, not sure if its a blender or ue4 problem, i’ll do some more test and get back to you soon

hey geodav, it took me ages to sort out cars from blender. not sure what problem you are having but maybe this will help.
there is no suspension though, and it has to be scaled up on export x2 possibly
i just used the default fbx export settings

the issue atm is that when i import the vehicle its rotated the wrong way, trust me i’ve done it before, you can use the transform on import to rotate it the right way and the bones look ok, i just want to complete a test run with bp’s and the rest before i record the video.

i also want to test the preview build of blender as thats supposed to have some fbx fixes !!