how to reverse the refraction of fresnel?

Hello everyone and thank you for this wonderful editor games.
First of all my primary language is french, so I do my best to explain my problem.

I listen a tutorial to create realistic water, but nevertheless there is still a small problem. I want my water is translucent so I use the function ‘fresnel’ but look what happens!

refraction is bad coterie! So I was wondering if there would be a trick to change it or just another way to make my water.

I’ll also show you my material, it will maybe help you to help me.

Well I waiting for your answer with impatience and thank you for reading my problem.

maybe the normals of the plane are inverted, the easiest way is rotating it 180 degrees so the surface will be turned upside down, I had some similar issue with vray. Also you can flip the normals but I’m new at Unreal Engine so I don’t know how to do it.