How to Reverse a Level Sequencer?

Hi Guys,While in matinees there’s “Reverse” Function,i can’t find any of similiar for Level Sequencer.

I’ve tried setting play rate to -1 but Level Sequencer won’t get played.

Any idea?


Hey iSpakkio

Someone asked this at epics sequencer stream and I think they showed how to do it, but I don’t remember how… I can try to find it from the stream

Under the play rate property, isn’t there check box for reversed?

Thanks for your answer man!

I’ll be waiting for you

I Don’t think i found it :


Me neither… :confused:

Bump?I Really need this

Ok i managed to get how it works :

with the C Button i create a player,with V i play the sequencer forward and with B i play it in reverse .

On the creat level sequence layer right click on the setting pin and click on the split struct pin, then set the rate to - 1