How to retrigger Move To Location or Actor Node after unpossessing?

Hello, all.

I’m currently building a prototype where the primary mechanic is being able to switch to another character on the map. As you switch from one character to another, the placement of objects in the world changes, essentially changing the navigation paths and the ways to reach a goal.

Here’s a rough preview: UE4 - Perspectives - Prototype - YouTube

The issue I’m facing right now is this. The characters are all using a Move To Location or Actor Node that gets called periodically after a few seconds on a loop. (See attached images for blueprint setup). This works fine when the game starts. However, once I switch to another character - in the example video, the Red one, then switch back to the white one (beginning character), the Red doesn’t run around anymore. His MoveTo Node doesn’t do anything, though it seems to be firing right. Same issue with all the other characters as well.

How do I make them run around after I unpossess them?

More info:
All characters are deriving from a parent blueprint class. 4 Characters - Red, Blue, Green and White are child blueprint classes. Switching of characters (including the camera blending) is handled in the Level Blueprint.


  1. Parent Character Class:

  1. Level Blueprint:

The GetNextChar is a function in the Parent Character Class which does a ray trace to get a reference to the character we want to switch to.

Appreciate any help. Would be happy to provide more information. Thank you.

it sounds to me like the characters that you are unpossessing are not being repossessed by a ai controller. it should be a pretty simple fix as shown below. basically all you should need to do is have a event unpossessed which then calls the spawn default controller node before calling the move to again. this will create a new ai controller and assign it to the character.


Thank you so much. That solved it!