How to resize texture inside UE4?

I just downloaded Kite Demo from marketplace, but its too heavy for my PC. I notice the textures is very large, and I want to resize some of them. Right now I just resize it manually, export-resize-import. And it takes my time.

Can I resize this inside UE4 automatically, without export-import option?

You open the texture and in the compression section there’s this thingy called ‘Maximum Texture Size’.
This defaults to 0 (which means use original size) but when you type ‘512’ the engine will render to that size only.
Not quite sure if this will help you out though. Importing downscaled sources might end up more effective.

Thank you very much, I comparing simple level with kite demo original cliff texture 8192 with the compressed 2048 and manual resize 2048 . The compressed texture really increase the performance, and about the same with manual resize textures performance.

NB: Yeah, it seems using manual method still better than compressed method, in term of image size, and since I don’t see an option to make bulk compressed texture inside UE4. Thank you very much.

With c++ code you can easily make any bulk edits to any assets with good level of control.

Sadly, I am just an artist, not a programmer. Even HTML code look crazy to me, and after learning Blueprint for 2 weeks, I still barely familiar with the name and function. Right now I am using software called ImBatch, after trying many method, its the only software that fill my need, it resize texture fast, keep the alpha with same format, and of course batch progress.

Now I can run kite demo with ease, and really learn a lot from it. Thank you very much.

I’d like to know how to resize texture to power of 2 in C++.

Anybody have solution?