How to reset media players and audio components

Hi everyone,
First off, I’m not a programmer, I specialize in video production, so sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

I’m trying to set up a VR level using the Oculus Quest 2, but I’m running into a slight issue.
My level is just a simple box shaped room with the player spawned inside it.
On all 4 walls there are planes, and each of them plays a looping video.

I had to add the sound components separately since I needed access to the “Focus” functionality, so that the player can only hear the sound coming from the video plane they’re facing.

Here’s where my issue lies - as the videos loop, the audio starts getting out of sync, so the fix I came up with was resetting the level every couple of minutes.
Although this works fine in PIE, when I package it to the Quest 2 it just quits the game instead of resetting.

Is there a way I can just reset the audio components and media players every couple of minutes, instead of the whole level?
Any other fix I could try?

Pic is from my level blueprint, where I’m calling the videos at begin play and resetting the level after 180 seconds.

Thanks in advance

After ‘open source’ try store it in the variable. Now you can check state each of source and fix it.