How to request consent for ads


I’m trying to implement Admob in my Unreal Game. But with the new EU law, I’ve to request permission, whether to show personalized ads.
The SDK can be found here: Requesting Consent from European Users  |  Android  |  Google Developers
But I’ve no clue, where to start implementing this into the app. Is it possible to just open the build-in Webbrowser and show a screen like that? But how can I get the data of the browser to admob?

Thank you very much.
Best regards from Germany.

It looks to me like the examples given on the page you linked to will ‘just work’.

The provided consentform.html page (which you can edit) will be rendered in a native webview depending on the device. Every device which uses AdMod will automatically have an advertiser ID associated with it when you start the game (possible scoped to just this game, but I’m not sure). So, when the player selects an option, this information is sent to AdMob which will then continue to serve only appropriate adverts.

To properly implement this you will need to write in Java and either Obj-C or Swift for iOS (assuming you and admob support that platform), and call those methods from C++. You should be able to find information on this fairly easily if you’re not sure how.

Did you get this work? I have a blueprint project for Android and I’m just about to start implementing this. I’ve never done a similar implementation and there are no Unreal Engine tutorials or guides for this…

Hi! Sorry for the late answer, but I’m currently working on a marketplace plugin which will be available soon. It’s finished for android, but I still have problems with the iOS version

Hi. So have you made this plugin? Can You please wright its name for me to find it on the marketplace?