How to replicate some info to a specify player

I am creating multiplayer.All the players are divide into two team .And a player in A team wants to send info to his teammates.Of course,I can finish it by multicasting the info to all players,and they will check if this info is to him,and the info displayed on that player.But I dont want to use this way,because it will waste a lot of performances.So I want to know how to call the server to send correct info to the specify player.Send it to him only.Thanks.

I would create an intermediate actor and override isrelevantfor to check if the viewing actor is on the same team as the target actor. Check out Actor Relevancy and Priority | Unreal Engine Documentation and note if you are using the new replication graph system you could actually just place these actors in their own team based node instead.

Thanks,but I have trouble studying,can you tell me the detail info about doing that?