How to replicate SetRelativeLocation to all?

How do you get SetRelativeLocation to replicate correctly over the network? I’ve set up a custom crouching height for the character capsule because I have one for idle crouching and moving crouching (I couldn’t find a way to dynamically set the default capsule crouch value, but if it is possible please let me know as it would be much more simple) and as such I’ve had to add a local transform to the character mesh to keep it from clipping through the ground when crouched. It works fine on from both the server’s and owning client’s POV, however, it does not replicate to other clients’ views. Here is how I have the coding set up:

To try and troubleshoot I set up this bit of code here:

I’ve tried all I can think of (including using addlocaloffset and the other functions that can give the same effect, none of which worked) and I simply can’t get it to replicate correctly. Execute on server doesn’t work despite it working for all the other instances where I did similar things in my BP and neither does execute on all. I really have no idea why it isn’t working so any help is appreciated.

I know this was ages ago, but did you come up with a solution?