How to replicate large binary data?

I’ve seen this asked before, but most of them seem to be fairly old and since UE4 is always evolving/upgrading, it’s time to see if there’s new ways to do it.

I need to replicate large chunks of binary data during game play. These will usually be a couple of KB, so anywhere between 1 to like maybe 10KB. This is something that’s generated by the server and evolves during game play so I need a way to sync it server → client. Can UE4’s replication system handle this? or do I need to handle this separately, like through a secondary TCP socket?

For more clarification, these pieces of data need to be reliable, but they do not need to be as quick as something like positional data. These are processed out of band on the server, and the client handles it whenever it gets one. So this should not block other traffic, or hang either the client or server.