How to replicate actor component to server

I have trouble to have my clinet character sprite rotate in server. I’m using repnotify.

When I move in my client, the character in server never rotate with the dirction it moves, though it works from the server to client.

How could I solve this bug?

Edit: Are the variables “ReplicateMovement” and “Replicates” in the root component of your character checked?

yes. It works when replicating from the server to the client, but not from the client to the server.

I guess that the repnotify will only replicate from server to clients. I don’t know whether my guess is right. And now I add an event running on server to repnotify the change, and it works. But I think it is silly. Is there any other method could solve this problem?

Sorry I didn’t read your initial post carefully.

This is correct, the way you’ve used the events in the last image is the way you should do it. Though your two events SetMovingRight and SetMovingLeft should be Reliable I guess.

Yes, it works. Thankyou!!!:o By the way, if I didn’t check “reliable”, what would happen? When should or can I uncheck “reliable”

Reliable gives this event a high priority to be send over the network. If there is high network traffic unreliable events are not send over the network.

So it should be used for all gameplay important events. If your actor’s rotation doesn’t have any impact on gameplay and is only for visual purposes you might not need to make it reliable. But I think it might look extremly silly when it’s not.