How to replay an animation in statemachine immediately

You could set the animation to looping on the node click the anim asset reference node and in the details panel set it to looping

my monster has a statemachine having three animation, idle,run and hurt. assume that the monster is attacked when the statemachine is in hurt state and playing hurt animation now. I want to replay the hurt animation immediately,
just as switching statemachine from hurt state to hurt state.

but I don’t want to wait last animation can i do it?

sorry, I mean that I want to restart the animation when the animation is playing in midpoint.

thank you very much .it’s useful for me.

I am not sure what you mean

What you are trying to accomplish may be better suited for a montage instead of animBP

Yeah sounds like this would be better suited for a montage because they can be called to play again mid-play again and again…you can setup a new montage to play and the montage will override the animBP animations when ever they are fired.