How to replace the demo UFO with a new static mesh?

I’m currently modifying the content examples demo UFO blueprint. How can I replace the “SM_UFO_Main” and “SM_UFO_Hub” sections of the UFO and replace them with my own model/static mesh? I would like to keep the existing blueprints and physics associated with the UFO. When I try to replace a static mesh it breaks the blueprints and I’m not sure how to repair the blueprint after changing the mesh.

Add your own meshes as static mesh components to that UFO BP first. Then set their properties identical to the UFO meshes’, and then change the variables in the BP with your meshes. Now you should be able to remove the UFO meshes and keep yours without breaking it.

Thanks I got it working. All I had to do was drag in the static mesh and replace one of the UFO references.

Here it is in action: :smiley:

Awesome. :slight_smile: