How to repeate decals along splines?

I’m trying to create tyre tracks on the ground. Just like repeating meshes along splines, I want to instance decals along splines.
But I can’t find the right node- Add Spline Decal Component.
How do I do this in UE4? Please guide me through achieving this with blueprints.

There really isn’t such a node in blueprints like that to my knowledge. The real issue is, that Splines (while there is a Spline component of course), are not actually “real” in the sense that a Static Mesh is. In UE4 they are Hermite Cubic Splines, and represent the math, for the tangents, points, etc.

To place decals on something such that it is visible in world. Attach a Spline Mesh Component (there’s a node to “add” one), to the spline, etc. and then put the decal on the Spline mesh component. It will be subject to “stretching” etc.


Here is a way to do it with particles which you might find helpful.