How to render wireframe in UE4?

I’ve been trying to render the wireframe of a model.
I enabled “Mesh Edges” under “Show”. But the lines of the wireframe are discontinuous.
There is a screenshot below showing of how it looks like right now…
I’m wondering if there’s a way to make the lines more continuous.
I’m also open to any other methods to render out the wireframe if anybody knows a better way to do this.
Please help!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Since Unreal triangulates your meshes, if you’re doing a hero shot of something specific, I would bake out the UV in your DCC tool and bring it in as a texture. That way you get the nice quads rather than the auto-triangulated mess. For instance in 3ds max in the Unwrap UV tool, i would go to tools>render uvw template. Set my colours to white on black and save as whatever resolution you need. Then in Unreal I would import that, use the texture to drive the alpha pin on a lerp node, and use pin B as my wire colour.

Omg this is genius!
Thank you so much!!!

hehe, Iv used it before and Unreal makes the product shots with the wireframe look really nice. Especially as its a texture, you can do all sorts with it such as fading it, using it as an emissive channel, or use a sphere mask to only show a spherical area to do a really cool x-ray vision sort of thing.

If you’re happy the question is answered, would you mind ticking the sphere next to my answer so it closes the question, thanks.

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