How to Render Separate VR Post Process

I am working on integrating a leap motion pass-through effect into UE4 and I was wondering if anyone knows how to achieve a disparate view for post-processing so that I can feed left/right eye images from the leap before geometry is rendered (or even after), or if anyone has had success in putting two quads in front of the camera to pull this off accurately.

The way I imagine this working is by rendering the quads first for each eye and then rendering the scene on top/after, question is how would you go about achieving this?

Hey getnamo -

Currently this is not possible, but it is being worked on as we speak.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Just wanted to add that there is a way to achieve the desired effect via splitting your image horizontally and handling each side in post-process.

See for details on how e.g.

was achieved.

Hi, is there some new stuff in there ?

What kind of new stuff do you mean?