How to render out multiple Maya scenes in sequence?

Ok, here is a problem I have been having issues with for quite a while now. I have 60+ maya scenes, all with multiple cameras and render layers, and I want to tell my computer to render them out each night, but it takes 1-2 hours for each scene to render. So, other than getting up 5-6 times a night, I was looking for an alternative. I have tried using Deadline, but the help is completely confusing and without it, all I get are errors when trying to render things. I also tried reading up on making a .bat file, but I don’t understand what is needed to make those work right either. The only examples I see are all defining cameras and frame ranges, but never anything about using the settings already in the scene file. All I want is an automated version of these instructions: open scene, click batch render, close scene, when batch render is done, open next scene and repeat the process. Anyone able to help me at all??

You should probably ask Maya specific rendering questions here: or here: