How to render objects over everything else?

Hi there,

I have to realize some kind of ‘Augmented Reality’-like interface (think of the one made in Dead Space):

(I can’t use UMG for that, because that doesn’t work for VR)

Currently I render some planes in the viewport of my pawn, attached to a spring arm component. It works ok, but I can’t really separate them from the rest of the world. As these elements are purely ‘virtual’, they should not interact with the rest of the world in any way (lights, shadows, other geometry, screen space reflections).

By modifying each material I could finally make them independent from light, but I can’t get them separated from screen space reflections or draw them over other post processing effects (I have to use a blendable and a global post processing volume to draw a outline around a mesh currently).

Can someone please give me hint how to achieve this in a proper way?

Many thanks,

Have you found a solution for this?