How to Render Movie with Sound and Grass Animation ?

I have a default empty Game Project here in UE5 EA 2. Added Megascan Grass. Used Foliage Tool to draw it on a Landscape. Enabled Grass Wind Animation on the Megascan Grass Material. When I Render a Movie I hear no Sound and the Grass Wind Animation doesn’t happen. I set Audio Output Format to “Master Audio Submix”. How can I have Audio and the Grass Wind Animation in the Movie Render ?


Did you put sound in? There is none by default.

Does the grass move in the editor?

Hi ClockworkOcean, thanks for your Questions. Yes there is Sound - also by default. If I run the Game I can hear the Sound. It’s kind of nature something sound.

And yes the grass moves in the editor. Also when I run the game. I can see while the Movie is rendering that in the Movie Render Preview window the grass already doesn’t move. But it moves as said in the editor and also when I run the Game.

I just saw there is a .wav file next to the .avi file. Maybe that’s by design. But was expecting the sound is inside the Movie file.

Ah, at lest this part if solved. I’m afraid I don’t know why the grass isn’t moving during sequencing…

Maybe one can find out. Added the Project here - Google Drive