How to render/hide all objects (including BSPs and lighting) in a volume?

I’m currently working on a side-scrolling project where the player can move through the world via elements in the foreground and background, and have the camera set up in such a way that they can see into open doors in the background, creating a nice feeling of cohesion.

Unfortunately, with the nature of the orthographic camera; Assets in the previous ‘layer’ interrupt the player’s perspective - Is there anyway to set a volume for, say, a hallway, that will cease all rendering of everything inside of it once the player leaves?
Ideally, I’d like to make it so only the hallways/rooms the player is in are visible, stripping the front facing wall so that the player can see their character.

Attached are some photos of my experimental setup. You can see the background door for the player to enter, and the ‘main’ hall I’d like to obscure entirely.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Correct me if i am wrong, but i think there are seeveral solution for that. Create BP that hide/ rendering objects, create a list of trigger volume or something similar. Then whenever you move to a new area, get the suitable volume, use the node Get Overlapping Actors, check the type of object then either hide/ render each of them in the list. Note that if you want to detect overlapping actors, all those actor, including static mesh actor, all must have a collision, station inside or at least overlapping that volume, set Collision Presets to OverlapAllDynamic and set Generate Overlap Events to true.

Other solution is using tags. Select all that you want to have the same tag, roll down the detail panel and search for Actor part, expend that look for Tags. add as many Tag as you want. Then create a BP, create several list of Actor, use event BeginPlay to look out for those object with same tag and fill those list with the object you found. Then you can use those list to hide/ render as much as you want. The biggest disadvantage of this solution is that you have to manually do everything dang that have to do with tags. Modify a tag? Add a new tag? Remove a tag? Better find each and every object in the scene to check and modify/ add/ remove the tag. With a big scene and 200+ object and lot of object with 2+ tags, that sure isn’t nice.
Anyway, hope i can be of any help. Good luck mate.