How to render actor rotation by scene capture to widget with high fps

This is merely search for an idea.

I have to display rotation of a PC case into my widget. There are 4 types of pc case as show in image below.

** What i have tried:**

  1. I tried to do this with 4 scene capture with 4 pc models and show them to widget. The problem is that fps drops to 15 which does not feel right.
  2. I tried to capture a video of 360 rotation of the pc case and play it to widget using media texture. Here i am facing two problems. The first problem is that if i play video multiple times with ‘Auto Clear’ as False in media texture, when the video starts, it gives a flashback of the previous close point of the video. To solve this flashback, if i turn ‘Auto Clear’ as true, it gives a black screen (or color that is set in Clear Color property in media texture) which i also dont want.
  3. I also thought of sprites of the video. If it is possible to play sprites but ue4 support texture of 8192 and my converted sprite of the video is high than that.

What i want to happen​​​​​​​:
I want to rotate the pc case 360 when mouse hover on that column of series. So if my mouse is on column of R series, the pc case of R series should rotate 360 degree. And when mouse is not hovering, the pc case should return to its initial position. And again mouse hovers, it should start rotating.

Its more of how i should be approaching with this problem and also how i can solve problems related media texture. Thanks in advance!