How to render a sphere capture to a file

Alright so I want to make a starry sky sphere texture.
To do this I mad a BP that spawns spheres in a very large radius, that glow.
Now I need to know how to render that to a texture.
Kind of like the reflection capture except with an outputted file.

I would do that in your 3D program rather than trying to do that in UE4. I’ve done that type of thing in 3ds Max for example.

How could I do that in Maya LT?

Create a Scene Capture Cube in the middle of your map > Create a Cube Render Target in content browser > Put that render target into the scene capture cube actor > right click on cube render target in content browser and Create Static Texture. Now you can delete that scene capture actor and render target and still keep the texture as a cube map to do whatever you like.

Thanks Jacky that worked 100%