How to render a seperate 3D object onto the foreground of the screen like a widget?

I’m hoping to make a game with an interactable 3D foreground object with a regularly rendered background and I’m not sure how to achieve this in UE4.

Here is an example of a game created in unity that has dicerolls (which are 3D, have their own lighting, and cast shadows with their personal lightsource) that is essentially what I’m talking about:

A couple more mainstream examples:
Fallout’s lockpicking


Guitar Heroes’ guitar fret in front of the fully 3D background:

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to achieve this in UE4? Thank you!

How familiar are you with render targets?

the general approach:

  • have a scene capture component grab what it sees and send it to a render target
  • the elements to focus on can be isolated in the scene capture
  • material samples that render target
  • widget shows and masks the material
  • widget background blur handles the background
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which are
3D, have their own lighting, and cast
shadows with their personal

You create an actor with a hollow room and place the desired elements there; the capture component, the lights, the lock & the lockpicks, and the animated player’s hands (sic!).

This room is someplace where the player cannot reach it. Smoke and mirrors.

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Thank you! I watched a tonne of videos that showed how to achieve this. For anyone wondering:

Search for tutorials related to the Scene Capture Component 2D