How to render a 3D UI element, i.e. a mesh without lighting/shadows/shadow casting?

My case is the visualization of the trajectory of an object (an object following a spline path). Along the path, I can put instances of hierarchically instanced meshes. Those can be arrows or spheres (not sure yet). Ideally there will be a translucent tube.

None of these object are part of the real world. You can think of it as a passive, purely informative UI element, only that it is positioned (and transformed) in 3D space. There are some boxes I can untick regarding shadows and I can set up a material with opacity < 1 and so on.

But I was wondering if there is a recommended way to go about this. Unreal has a lot of stuff activated by default, when I place something in the 3D world.

Also, when I use translucency for some material, I can’t use nanite. At the same time I hope, something like this can be done w/o major impact on the performance as it is supposedly a very simple rendering task.

Hi rubm123

You can render those parts to a RenderTarget using the “Unlit” visualization, then use that RenderTarget as a source for your UI.

Yes, no translucency, masks or WPO for nanite materials.


I’m gonna try this out, thanks!

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