How to render 3D grid lines?

I want to render something that looks like this.

Would this be a material/texture? Or rendering lines with code? This would be a pretty big texture, I think I’d rather render lines with blueprints if possible.

If I were to add transparent vertical lines too, what method would I use for that?

hi farzher, i made a small project with a grid.
it contains no texture, but a ground plane with 2 parametrized material instances.
the bigger line in the middle is not solved very elegantly. i.e. it is polygon segments with an opaque material on it.
the smaller lines are procedural lines that are made with two GenerateBand material functions that come with the mat editor.
i also add the 6.1 project hope you get the idea and can cusomize your grid yourself [grid project][1]

I didn’t realize you could do so much with materials. that’s pretty interesting

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