How to render 32bit exr image sequences?

is there a way to render 32bit (full precision) OpenEXR image sequences? With the standard settings for HDR in EXR sequences result in 16bit images.

Any hint is highly appreciated.


I believe the backbuffer used in the GBuffer (which the deferred pass writes the pixel values to before post processing) is only 16 bit precision for memory/bandwith/speed concerns, and then the post processing stack applies motion blur, taa, dof, color grading and the tone curve (if not rendering linear), so there is no additional information that could be had by writing a 32 bit EXR.

I think if is a way to make it is in

hey, have you found a way to render in 32bit out of ue4 yet?

unfortunately, no. Based on the previous answers, I assume that data is processed with 16 bit precision.
If anyone has other insights, please let me know.

I believe this works for getting a 32-bit EXR out: