How to remove the background colors from the images for 2D games?


How can I remove the background color from the images for 2D games? How can I check transparency? If there is none, then how can I add it? because, I already did and my sprite has the background all around him.


Hi Mikado106E,

Take a look at this documentation. It has some pretty good info on Material Blend Modes.

Thanks, TJ

Thanks, it works now. The solution was to delete the background and then save the image. Then make a sprite from it and the background problem is solved. I will advise to use Paint net. It’s free and it suit the job.


Hi, i tried to remove a background for my weapons to show the selected one rotating in the HUD. The problem was that i need to use that in many levels and in levels at night (so that solution of put the render camera near the sky light cannot be done). I will put the project here with all you need!

I solved that with this steps:
1st. Create a level that has a box with a green material in it’s walls (only using basic box)

Inside of it i put the Camera Render Trace, a spotlight and my gun (I’m using a bread that i found in InfinityBladeWeapons… i dont know why this can be a weapon rsrs)

2nd. We can change the mesh component for a dinamic change of it (in my case i’m selecting the weapon used for my character.) Now you load this box in your level. For that i used this function “Load level instance”

I just put this map above of my actual map only to see it. But you can put it very above of. It do not have the necessity of any light (the light is inside)

This is weard but works. Uol. In this pic you can see the bread up side left of my screen. Of course there is two or tree more steps. So this is the main jump of the cat to reach it!

Blend Mode: Opaque
Shading model: Unlit

With this done the last two thing is create a material Using the Camera Render Target with this blueprint:

Important: If the color is not going away, try chande a little the values of IF statement in blueprint.

The entire project (not the same but i just take the bread off lol)

Good Luck!