How to remove sun glare

I’ve just started to work on my level and create the landscape and while doing so, I noticed I have a sun glare that I don’t want.

As you can see, it doesn’t look that appealing. I’m trying to go for a style similar to this:

How do I remove the sun glare?

try reducing bloom in the post process volume. and also specular levels of the material may need some adjustment.

I don’t have a post process volume in my level and how do I adjust the specular levels?

Everything you need to know about materials.
Everything you need to know about Post process.

It’s all in the documentation.

Are you talking about the glare around the sun or the reflection on the ground?

Make material to be fully rough.

bing we have a winner.

If youre trying to match that style Id recommend adding in a skylight also, and set the Min Roughness of your skylight and Directional Lights to a high value like 0.8 - 1. It will save time changing every material to be fully rough

In addition to setting roughness to 1, you might try lowering the specular value (from the default of 0.5).