How to remove soft references, error on launching session

From the latest update, I am unable to launch sessions now because of a soft references errors. I get this when trying to launch. Before the latest update I was able to launch fine, is there a way to delete soft references?

This is happening on all my maps now, when yesterday they all launched fine.

@UnrealFitz Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here: Fortnite Creative

I just submitted.

Any suggestions for things that I can try?

@HalcyonKnight96 Suggested this in another topic - * Could you try to resave all the actors in your Outliner (Ctrl+A → Resave Selected Actors) and all the assets in your content browser?

I did this and it fixed my issue of launching one of my maps. I will try the others shortly.

Unless something else was changed in the meantime within UEFN, this seems to have fixed my soft reference issues.


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I had to go to project content then delete (GameFeatureData) then try launching it will basically fix itself after because it will update the references and remove the old one