How to reduce package size ?

Hi everyone, I’ve already read and apply all tricks of the documentation about this subject avaible here But nothing to do my little 2d sidescroller 8bit mobile game need 550 mb but it is very simple and without post processing or effects… Is anyone can help me ?

One easy way to make sure you’ve weeded out all of the unused assets:

Create a new BLANK project WITHOUT starter content.
Within your game project, select all of your necessary maps that you want in your game (exclude things like your dev maps that don’t need to be in the actual game)
Right click and migrate them to your new blank project

It will only migrate assets over that are needed. By doing it with the maps, it will include everything you need like the player, mobs, meshes, textures, etc etc.

You probably have a lot of extra vestigial content in your currently packaged game and don’t realize it. Vestigial things like the starter content.

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UE4 will only package the following assets:

  • Assets referenced directly or indirectly by any of the maps included in the package.
  • Assets referenced directly or indirectly by the classes set in your project setting’s “maps and modes”.
  • Assets in folders you manually specify in the project packaging settings.

If you don’t specify a list of maps to pack in the project’s packaging settings, UE4 will package all maps it can find by default (since maps are often loaded by name, there’s no way for UE4 to know which ones are actually used by your game). The Starter Content contains a few maps, so and those will be included by default, along with all assets they reference (aka: almost all of the starter content). The same goes for many assets from the Marketplace: many of them contain demo maps.

So you either follow IronicParadox’s suggestion and migrate your maps to a different (clean) project or go into project settings and fill the list of maps to package, which will keep the unused assets in your project but won’t package them.

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Project Settings → List of maps to include in a packaged build

will do the job for you