How to record movement in VR with sequencer? Is it even possible? UE 4.15

Hi guys,

ive just spent an afternoon trying to get this to work but it wont and its getting very frustrating…
what I am trying to do:

Record my first person view while in VR (with a Vive) and replay it with sequencer so that I can put it out later with a better resolution and aspect ratio. I believe this is a problem that many people have and I have searched the internet up and down but I have seen no one actually do it.

So what happens is that when I open up the sequence recorder I can see that the movement recording actually works as the camera actor is moving as recorded in the editor perspective window. But then I cant replicate the actual “first person” view of the camera itself - when I select the camera it always shows the same view during the animation or - maybe this is a bug - it moves when I move the vive HMD!? It seems to me as the permanent input of the HMD would supress the recorded movement.!?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!


Reading the following thread may help, especially the part in which you lock the viewport to the recorded camera for playback.