How to recall Anim Notify in Graph (4.6)

I made an anim notify but I can’t recall it in the graph. Any reason why that happens?

So you created a custom notify in your animation + now you try to get it as an event in your event graph in the animbp? Or do you mean the ones in your anim montage? :slight_smile:

When you mean the first one, then compare your workflow with my one:

  1. open the animation
  2. do a right click into the timeline - Add Notify - New Notify - choose a name and press enter
  3. Now you should see it in the timeline
  4. open the anim bp and go to the event graph - do a right click - type the name into the search bar

After creating the Notify, save the project, close the editor and reopen it. Since 4.6 I’ve had to do this to get Notify events to show up sometimes.

This is exactly the issue I have ran into also, I switched back to 4.5.1 as it always gives you access to the notifies without having to rerun.

I thought there was a new way to call the notifies but I see there are others with this bug.

It’s a bug. Got the same issue.

Yeah I also have the same issue…

It is most definitely a bug and has been reported to the developers. When addressed an update will be added to this post: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/145396/montage-branch-points-not-accessible-from-anim-gra.html