How to read Niagara user parameters from Blueprint?

I want to read the value of the variable “SpriteSize” but I don’t know how to do it.

I tried to read it as an array but the editor crashed

Any way to get that value?

Thank you very much!!

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I wish somebody will reply. I don’t know why there cant be a simple Get method

It is because C++ is a language strongly typed (BluePrints is based in C++)

User parameters are not designed to be read from the component, they are write-only. Niagara components should be used for cosmetic purposes only, so if you rely on them to drive other logic in your game then that’s a good hint that your code architecture is wrong.

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If I remember correctly, I wanted to change the size of the Sprite… So yes, I think that’s write-only. With C++ I don’t have any problems. I set the size in the constructor of the object class and it works. I don’t know from Bluprint… but I’m no longer interested in it. Now I only use C++ because it is less problematic than bluprints. Blueprints are a pain in the head.

Thank you very much for your comment!!