How to randomize static meshes using the Automatic Wall from BP Content Examples?

I have been looking at how Epic created the BP for the Automatic Wall from the BP Content Examples and I was wondering what would be the best steps to add the ability to change an array of different sized Static Meshs and randomly populate without any gaps between meshes? Right now it uses a fence section that repeats as you move the end pivot. My goal is to use different sized static meshes instead (i.e Cube, Sphere and mug).

My first thought is to use a Mesh Array to create a Make Array to store the Static Meshes and then wire it to a Set Static Mesh Array Variable. But when I wire that as a replacement to the MeshToSpawn variable I dont get randomized objects and I also get a gap of space between meshes.

I am sure that someone has tried to do this in the past. Any links or help in the right direction would be beneficial, thanks!

Original Automatic Wall BP:

My Automatic Wall BP: