How to put different textures to different faces of a Solidworks Part

I have drawn a sample part on solidworks. Then I imported it to 3dsmax and converted to .FBX file. After that :slight_smile: I imported to Unreal Engine everything was fine up that point however I can not put different textures to different faces. How to do that?

Give different materials to each face in 3ds Max(Multi/Sub Object Material) and then reimport the mesh into UE4. Now you’ll have material slots for each material ID of your mesh.

first- you should not make your objects with solidworks.That Software is not made for game engines or any other game related softwares.When you export them Polygon number can be too much which its really important for games.Btw UE4 works with triangles after you made your objects with Editable Poly or Solidworks,UE4 transforms them to editable mesh/triangles and at this point your objects can be broken.
second- You should search google with ((What is/(How to) unwrap texturing in 3dsmax )).You dont make unwrap for every object but this knowledge is critical.
third- You may want to know Texture Maps too.Without texture maps (normal’specular’A.Occ…) they may not look as you want them to be.[You can think them as Converting textures to Materials].

Thanks I am trying to learn how to do that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. However learning 3dsmax or any other program is very difficult for me right now. I am already good at soldiworks and I havent encountered any broken objects. Physics, lighting etc they are all working very well. Could you tell me why you said “You dont make unwrap for every object but this knowledge is critical” that? Is this realated to performance of my project?