How to push all objects in front of character

Hello guys,

I’m currently working on a fp project, in which my chracter has some telekinetics power… I am quite new to UE4, so I’m still learning about all these functions.
I’d like to know if there was an easier and more efficient way than creating traces to apply a force to objects in front of the character, something like radial force that acts only in the direction the character is looking for.


just as you said , u make a trace, on get the point of impact, then apply force to this area , ofcourse you have to make all objects has rigidbodies . if u working on unity, its same technique .
Something like that , hope this give u starting point.

Okay. Yeah, I’ve been working and trying stuff with these traces. But it feels a little inneficient to have like 8 (for example) tracers to have like this kind of cone that is gonna have to detect all objects in that area in order to act like this pushing away power

there is a node called sphere trace or multi sphere trace , something like that, I’m just away from my laptop, when I’m home I will post a screenshot .

I have tried this, but it doesn’t apply the force somehow.

Actually, it was the value of the impulse, which it seemed to be so little that it wouldn’t make a difference. I’ve had to change it to a much bigger value